RWS .22 Pellet Model 54 Combo Rifle Review


RWS .22 pellet model 54 combo rifle

The RWS Model 54 is an impressive air rifle. Enthusiasts love its dependability, quality construction, and accuracy. The Model 54 is popular among the air rifle crowd for its dependability and recoilless action. Wondering if the RWS Model 54 is for you?


Features And Specifications

 The solid, single piece construction of the Model 54 makes for a beautiful and reliable rifle. Each RWS Model 54 Combo rifles comes with:

  • Recoilless floating action
  • High levels of accuracy
  • Adjustable open rear sight
  • Adjustable blade front sight
  • 11 mm scope rail
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Caliber: .22


The RWS is designed for shooting small game and for target practice. Perfect for those who enjoy plinking, paper targets, and spinning air gun targets, the rifle doubles as an excellent tool for pest removal. The Model 54 eliminates rodents and other pests cleanly and accurately. The shot is powerful enough to deliver a clean, humane kill at a reasonable range. Its recoilless floating action allows you to take multiple shots without losing accuracy. The steel trigger is solid and not plastic like some rifles in its class. This makes shooting more appealing. Plastic triggers have an indecisive quality that many shooters do not like. The RWS Model 54 is anything but indecisive.

The stock is made out of well-balanced hardwood. Hardwood is sturdy, long lasting, and highly attractive. You can expect many years of use from the Model 54 as long as you provide proper gun care. The gun is on the heavier side. The hardwood and steel construction required for quality and longevity give the gun its weight. Some users indicate that shooting for prolonged periods of time causes fatigue while others appreciate its solidity.

The quality of the materials makes for an attractive, long lasting gun with consistent accuracy.



 The RWS Model 54 is competitively priced for a rifle of its class but it can be found for less when purchased from a reliable used arms dealer.


Potential Drawbacks

 The overall construction of the gun is of high quality. It has a very accurate range and is easy to shoot. Users consistently give the rifle positive reviews.

The potential drawbacks to the RWS Model 54 Combo rifle are mild. The safety is not as solidly constructed as the rest of the gun. Users who are used to hearing a definitive click find this disconcerting. There is nothing wrong mechanically with the safety. As with any gun, take precautions to keep it out of the reach of children.

The gun is powerful enough to deliver an accurate shot at appropriate distances. Those looking for a more powerful air rifle should explore some of the other RWS models.



 Overall the RWS Model 54 Combo Rifle is an excellent deal. It is affordably priced for its class and regularly receives positive user reviews. The construction is elegant and well made. The rifle is composed of high quality materials that ensure buyers have many years to enjoy it. There are more powerful models out there, but the RWS Model 54 delivers exactly what it promises: accuracy, efficiency, and an enjoyable shooting experience.




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