How to Mount a Sight to Your Air Rifle


You’ve decided to change to a better scope, and now you’re lost trying to figure out how to mount a sight to your rifle. While this may seem like a very easy process, it’s actually quite tedious and will take you quite some time to finish.

A lot of people believe that mounting the scope is the only thing they need to do, but this is wrong.

You have to worry about barrel droop when a scope is put on your rifle. This occurs because the scope is attached to the receiver, so you need to:

  • Adjust the scope in the rear mount to align it properly.

There’s also the better option of choosing an adjustable, mount which also works very well. After you’ve properly mounted your scope, it’s time to sight your air rifle. This is done with some:

  • Pellets
  • Cardboard

You’ll want to place the target 10 feet from where you’re standing and wear eye protection to prevent any injuries. Shoot your rifle several times at the target’s center. Now, you’ll:

  • Adjust the scope’s horizontal setting using the knob.
  • Continue shooting and adjusting until the shot is on center.
  • Adjust the vertical adjustment to bring the impact point slightly below the point of aim.

You’re making great progress on sighting your scope, but now it’s time to put the target 30 yards away and rapid fire 4 – 5 shots. Adjust the knob vertically and horizontally as needed until you have the perfect sighting down pat.

If you’re still in the scope mounting process and need a little help, you’ll want to follow these instructions to get to the sighting process and hopefully obtain a better overall shot.

  1. Take the top rings off of the scope’s mount.
  2. Place the new mount(s) on the gun.
  3. Fasten with your fingers.
  4. Place the scope in the rings and make adjustments as needed.
  5. Place the top of the rings on the mount.
  6. Fasten the rings, allowing room to turn and slide the scope into position.
  7. Position the eye relief 2″ – 4″ from your eye.
  8. Rotate the scope so that it’s even with your rings.
  9. Fasten the rings by tightening each screw alternately.
  10. Adjust the scope as needed if it moved during the tightening process.

You need to be very careful during this entire process because if you bear down too much on the screws, you risk damaging the scope in the process. This is obviously a bad thing because the scope will be damaged and overall less reliable as a result.

Tighten slowly and just make sure that the fit is snug rather than too tight where breakage can occur.

The rest is simply adjusting the sight and trying to find the best position possible that offers great aim and fewer inaccurate shots. A lot of air rifle owners will change out their scopes for more powerful options, so it’s a process that’s well-documented online and fairly easy to accomplish.

You can even mount the scope and sight in the rifle in under an hour. This is one of the best ways to upgrade your air rifle to something more powerful and accurate.


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