How to Find and Purchase the Very Best Air Rifle for the Money




 Anyone that is new to air guns will likely have a difficult time choosing the right gun for their specifics. The sheer number of guns on the market can make the decision tremendously difficult. At the same time, there are a variety of different types, price ranges and features that need to be explored. Not all air guns are expensive. However, they’re not all affordable either! With this in mind, it is imperative to explore the different features and characteristics, in order to select the best air rifle for the money. Below, you will be able to find help with the selection process.


Determining Your Shooting Specifications

 Everyone, who picks up a gun, has a different idea in mind. Some individuals want to be able to practice their marksmanship, while others are only interested in hunting small game. At the same time, you might have a pest problem around your home. In order to determine, which gun is right for your specific needs, you’ll first need to determine your shooting preferences. By examining your desires, you’ll be able to determine the specific range and power that is needed for your gun. Not only will these answers give you a good starting point, but they’ll also help you narrow down the field and make the selection much easier.


Types and Overall Price

 In terms of price, you will find that your specific type of air rifle may very well be limited. Although the CO2 air rifles have plenty of additional benefits, they also come with additional costs. Remember that you’ll need to purchase CO2 canisters on a regular basis, which can make the gun a little more expensive in the long run. Although the types vary, you will need to look for a specific type that suits your budget the best.


The Design, Durability and Finish

 Although the design might not be too impactful, many shooters will be determined to find a gun, which looks realistic and cool. Regardless of your budget, it is usually possible to purchase a stylish and realistic air gun. At the same time, durability is tremendously important! It is absolutely imperative to ensure that your gun is going to be able to provide you with longevity. In terms of price, better quality and durability will definitely increase the price. In order to find the best air rifle for the money in this regard, you’ll need to do a little shopping around and researching.


Power and Range

 The most important factors of the air gun will be the power and range. Exactly what is needed in these categories will be determined, by your specific desired uses for the gun. If you’re only going to be target shooting, you can save a little money, by aiming for accuracy and less power. Those that want to be able to hunt will need to spend a little more, in order to purchase a more powerful weapon. Either way, it is vital to remember that increasing the power of the weapon will ultimately increase the weapon’s overall price. In order to keep costs to a minimum, you should purchase only what is needed and nothing extra.


Our Choice for The Best Air Rifle



 During our venture, we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time with a wide variety of different air guns. Each gun had unique features and even more unique price tags. Regardless of this information, we’ve come to the conclusion that the very best air rifle tends to be the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle. During our time with this specific gun, we were tremendously impressed with all characteristics and features. When used with the PBA pellets, the gun is capable of delivering the most impressive velocity of 1,200 feet per second!

Of course, the gun might be a little more expensive, but it makes up for it with a limited one-year warranty and an included 4×32 scope. Whether you’re practicing or hunting, this gun provides an astounding and silent performance. It is equipped with a noise dampener, which eliminates more than half of the gun’s noise. Although the gun is a break barrel, it is extremely powerful and capable of humanely killing squirrels and other small prey from a distance. This gun is one of our favorites and highly recommended, regardless of price! Read our full review here.


The Very Best Below $100


Gamo Hornet Air Rifle

 If you’re looking for a gun, which can be purchased for less than $100, you will want to check out the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle, .177 Caliber. This is one of the most flashy and realistic looking air rifles that we’ve ever used. The weight is perfect and helps to provide a more realistic and authentic performance and feel. Although the price is a little cheaper, this gun delivers surprising power! With PBA Raptor ammunition, you’ll be able to achieve 1,200 FPS.

If there were one thing we didn’t like about this gun, it would have to be the scope! Still, this is a superbly impressive air rifle, which is capable of offering plenty of benefits and power. The gun is more than suitable for bringing down small prey humanely, but excels for target shooting purposes. Read our full review here.



 When attempting to purchase an air rifle, it is vital to know exactly what you need beforehand. After that, your options will be smaller and you’ll have a much easier time making your selection. Be sure to use our informative and helpful information to guide your decision in the right direction.


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