Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle Review




The Specs

  • Twin check pads.
  • A deluxe ventilated rubber pad situated on the stock.
  • Features a 4X32 rifle scope with fiber optic sights.
  • Spring piston powered, break barrel cocking mechanism that clocks 30 pounds of force.
  • Manual release trigger safety.
  • Automatic cocking safety.
  • Fires lead ammunition at 1000 fps.
  • Fires PBA ammunition at 1200 fps.


The Purpose

An all-rounder in all definitions of the term, this rifle is designed with pest control in mind, but can also be utilized for a multitude of recreational purposes. This rifle has proved to be quite the handy tool for the disposing of pest populations of Iguanas and similarly sized vermin, and with a consistent tight-grouping firing succession, it’s not wonder why it excels at its purpose.


The Features

This rifle, as the name implies, is inherently silenced, but it doesn’t at all suffer from a lack of power as a result. In fact, this rifle remains one of the higher-powered air rifles on offer by Gamo, but the noise reduction attachment is non-removable which is worth noting. This doesn’t seem to pose as even a possible issue, seeing as the power is still very much retained, unless for some reason you require a loud bang when you fire (no ear muffs necessary!).

The noise dampener makes the rifle’s sound 50% quieter than it otherwise would be, which is a major selling feature for most customers who purchase this item.

As mentioned previously, this air rifle’s accuracy is phenomenal — even when compared against higher-end models in its category. This coupled with the power, makes this rifle a handy tool for any task that requires it to perform at a high level without any issues.

The accuracy has been attributed quite substantially to the model’s comfortable and ergonomically designed stock. It has been remarked on for being manageable even after extended periods of use, and the sleek design makes shooting with it a breeze.

The dependable break barrel is perfect for both beginners as well as experts, and requires little maintenance and upkeep for it to perform. The spring piston system is simple and exceptionally functional, and the cocking action requires little effort to procure.


The Pros and Cons


  • High powered air rifle with an affordable price tag.
  • Extremely accurate even at longer ranges.
  • Comfortable to hold and use.
  • Easy to maintain and relatively hassle free.
  • Radically reduced noise.



  • The pistol grip located on the stock is a tad small for those people out there who may have bigger than average thumbs, although this is more of a comfortability question.
  • The trigger may also be a little heavier than people are used to with an air rifle, but this is a standard feature to any higher powered machine. It can also be changed fairly easily, which is recommended for beginners who aren’t used to heavier triggers.
  • Lighter ammunition will be harder to control due to the power of the rifle, so heavier rounds are a must.
  • The scope isn’t of the highest quality, but for the money, it’s still a merited buy. Purchasing a replacement scope, if you require one, isn’t a hard process, and many cheap alternatives exist that can make a valued addition to the rifle.


Theres something worth noting

The rifle comes equipped with a silencing device, which does without a doubt, noticeably and even drastically reduce noise, but this doesn’t mean the rifle is without any noise whatsoever. It’s perfect for an urban environment, but if no noise is what you’re after, then it’s worth noting that you won’t be getting that with this air rifle. It’s extremely quiet, but not completely, so keep that in mind before you purchase so you don’t get something you didn’t think you were buying into.


The Verdict

This arid rifle is an excellent example of what money can buy in its relevant category, and comes with a whole host of features and advantages. If you’re looking for the best money can buy, then obviously this isn’t your machine, but if you’re looking for bang for buck, and an actual quality made air rifle, then this is certainly your best candidate.





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