Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber Review



Gamo Hornet Air rifle medium

Most beginner riflemen are looking for an affordable air rifle that will offer convenience and a diverse use option. The Gamo Hornet is the perfect beginner for adults, since it does require a bit of strength and energy to cock, which is required, before each actual shot. Below you will discover the pros and cons of this particular air gun, so that you can easily decide whether or not it is suitable for your needs and preferences.



The fluted polymer covered steel barrel and plastic stock will offer you the durability that is required for longevity use. Just know that this barrel is not constructed out of thick solid steel, which may decrease its lifespan, but if you are looking for an affordable air gun that is suitable for shooting small game at a short distance, you should not pass up this specific brand.


Cock Pulling

The Gamo air rifle does require a bit of strength to perform the cock pulling action. This may be suitable for adults that are fairly strong, with a medium stature. Of course, it is capable of a shooting velocity of 1,200 fps. This is sustainably quick and can be obtained within a single cock. If you suffer with tennis elbow, you will benefit with this air gun, as the cock pulling action is not so difficult that it will trigger pain and only requires 30 pounds of torque.


Overall Size

The overall size of this air gun is 43.3” in length, with the barrel taking up 18” of this measurement. The weight is perfect for portability, as it only weighs in at 6.1 pounds. You can easily hold and aim the Gamo, without getting fatigued for an extended amount of time. The weight must be taken into consideration, because if you become fatigued or weakened, while holding and aiming the rifle, your target will definitely be able to escape to freedom, before you have the opportunity to shoot it.



A significant component of the Gamo air rifle is the 4×32 scope, which is included in the overall price. The scope ramp sits down in a groove that is built into the top of the rifle. This will provide the scope with a secure, safe position and placement, so that it does not become loosened during target practice and travel.


Butt Plate

The butt plate is constructed out of a thick rubber pad, with ventilated air holes, which will provide your shoulders with a cushioned impact. This extraordinary feature will protect your body from injury and smooth the force of the recoil. This safety feature is a genuine craftsmanship that is only offered by the Gamo Hornet air rifle.


Our Overall Review

The Gamo Hornet has definitely impressed us. It is perfect for target shooting and small game hunting, which are most gunners’ favorite sports. We did not mind the spring mechanism, because it allows us to easily cock the gun, without much energy force applied. Overall, we would highly recommend this particular air rifle for any beginner, but if you are looking for something for competitive sports, you may want a more powerful air gun.




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