Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle Review



Gamo Big Cat 1250 medium

If you are looking for an air rifle that is suitable for hunting small game or target practicing, then you need to check out the Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle. Whether you are an expert marksman or a novice, this gun is going to suit your every need. It has a very solid feel, which does not make it feel like a toy. However, you should keep in mind that any air gun should never be treated, as a toy, because they can be very dangerous.


When it comes to shooting any type of gun, you will be faced with all different types of outdoor, weather conditions. This means that you need a gun that can stand up to the rain, sleet, and snow, without the exterior becoming corroded or rusted over time. The Gamo Big Cat 1250 air rifle’s stock is made of all-weather polymer. The barrel is also coated in polymer as well. You simply cannot beat this great feature and durability option, when it comes to weatherproofing. This gun will be able to stand up to any weather that Mother Nature throws at you.

Break Away Barrel

The cocking mechanism for this gun is a break away barrel, this means that you have to bend the barrel towards the stock every time you want to prepare the rifle for firing action. This is pretty common in most air rifles. However, one thing that we absolutely love about this rifle is that it does not require much force to cock the gun. Some rifles will require around 40 to 50 pounds of pressure to cock the rifle, whereas this rifle does not require that much force. This means that you are going to be able to get much more use out of this rifle before you tire out.


We took this rifle to the woods to give it a little workout and see what it could do. One thing that we liked about the rifle was the non-slip checkering design on the grip and forearm. This is great because, when you are in the woods you can get all kinds of muck on your hands, plus you never know when you are going to have to pop your rifle up and take a shot in the heat of the moment. This unique grip just makes it so much easier to hang on to the rifle during these moments and when your hands become moistened with perspiration or dew.

Power and Accuracy

When it comes to picking out the perfect air rifle two things are a must. That is power and accuracy. This rifle can provide you with both in abundance. This rifle’s heavy-duty power can produce 1250 feet per second with PBA platinum ammunition and with lead you can achieve 1000 feet per second. This gun is amazingly accurate, as well. However, we do recommend that you change out the stock scope. Although, the scope is pretty decent for the price of the gun, you can achieve so much more accuracy with an upgraded scope.




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