Everything You Need to Know About Proper Air Rifle Maintenance




 When you purchase any type of weapon, you’re placing a tremendous amount of responsibility on your shoulders. It is absolutely imperative to learn how to properly maintain your gun. Although traditional guns are somewhat similar to air rifles, the maintenance process is a little different. We understand the amount of money you’ve put into your weapon and have taken this into account, when putting together this guide. Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know to ensure longevity for your brand new air rifle.


The Basics

 The truth of the matter is that air guns are actually very durable, in most regards. They’re generally capable of taking a little bit of tossing around, before they’ll become unusable. With the appropriate maintenance, it is possible for add extensive longevity to your gun. Before getting started, it is vital to remember that each gun will vary depending on model and manufacturer. When purchasing an air gun, you will receive a specialized manual for your particular weapon. Be sure to use this information to your advantage! The manual will provide you with the appropriate steps for keeping your rifle in tip top shape.


Keep your Gun Oiled

 Many air guns are equipped with a pump wiper, which must be oiled from time to time. Although it is essential to keep this mechanism oiled appropriately, if you’re not careful, you may accidently over oil the gun. If you apply too much oil, it may clog up and become unusable. In general, it is best to add a few drops to this portion of the weapon, after 200 to 500 shots. This will keep the gun working properly.


Treat it With Respect

 Your weapon can be dangerous and fragile, at the same time. With this in mind, it is essential to assure that you treat your weapon with a tremendous amount of respect! Make sure that the weapon is always pointed away from other individuals. At the same time, you should baby the gun and handle it gently. Do not toss it around and treat it with disregard.


Proper Handling of the Pump

 If you’ve purchased a multi-pump gun, you should make sure to treat the pump with care. When pumping the weapon, it is imperative that the pump handle is used in the appropriate manner! Avoid twisting or contorting the handle, at all costs! This will cause problems and could very well break the handle! Be sure to follow the instruction manual, in order to determine the maximum number of pumps for your particular gun.


Lubricating the Valves

 Whether you have an air gun or a CO2 gun, the gun will be equipped with a valve. This valve needs to be properly lubricated at all times. Using Pellgun oil will definitely help. If you’re using a CO2 cartridge, it is imperative to apply a small amount of the oil to the tip of the cylinder, before it is inserted into the gun.



 It is vital to read all of the included instructions, before moving forward. Remember that the manufacturer knows more about their specific guns than we do. Therefore, you should read and understand the information and incorporate the maintenance recommendations into your daily life, in order to keep your gun working efficiently.


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