Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air rifle (.177) Review



 Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle

There is nothing more fun and enjoyable than target shooting with a BB gun. Many teenagers and adults alike prefer to spend their weekends shooting at tin cans and pesky critters, but this would not be possible, without the Crosman M4-177. Below you will discover the innumerable features, components, and benefits of this air rifle.



This air gun offers diversity, as far as the ammunition options go, because it is capable of utilizing BBs and pellets. This is definitely a great benefit that is not offered with other brands. The pellet clip holds up to 5 pellets at a time, while the reservoir is capable of holding up to 350 BBs. This is great, because you will not have to worry about continuously refilling the air rifle for quite some time during your shooting practices.


Pumping Action

The Crosman comes equipped with a high pressurized tank that is capable of holding air and a CO2 cartridge is not required. You must manually pump the lever 1-10 times, before you can pull the trigger. The placement of the lever makes it very simple to operate, which is important, when you are performing any manual action. It is capable of shooting pellets up to 600 fps and BBs up to 625 fps, which is significant for target practicing or mutilating small critters.


Diverse-Use Mounts

If you like to shoot those pesky critters after dusk, then you will definitely find the accessory rails very useful. You can easily amplify or enhance your vision with a flashlight or laser. This will aid you in perfecting your aim and shot, so that you can eradicate those buggers, without interference. Customize your Crosman M4-177 pneumatic air rifle to your specific preferences and needs, by utilizing the rails to affix your accessories.


Shooting Range

The shooting range feature is highly important, especially, when you are attempting to aim and shoot at a moving creature that is at a distance. The Crosman is capable of shooting up to 60 yards, which is quite significant and sufficient for most teenagers. Its power is consistence, so that you can rid your backyard of those small critters that are plaguing your garden.


Very Affordable

 This brand is very affordable and will make the perfect beginner air gun for any teenager. Do not expect that you can purchase this particular rifle and be able to compete in shooting competitions, because it is not capable of providing the specified power and accuracy that is required to come out a winner. Be sure to teach your kids to properly utilize, store, clean, and treat the gun in a highly respectable manner. Never leave the teens unattended, when they have the gun in their possession. The Crosman price tag offers medium-durability, if the gun is properly cared for and only receives normal wear and tear.


Our Review

We took the time to do a little practicing with the Crosman M4-177 and we have come to the conclusion that it can provide the user with a lot of service, if properly taken care of. Remember this is a low-tier air rifle, but is sufficient for target shooting and getting rid of pesky critters.




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