Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock Air Rifle



Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock air rifleThere are very few air guns that are capable of providing the user with options. When we spotted the Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, we were eager to give this weapon a try. Sure, the price is somewhat on the expensive side, but this gun packs a punch that cannot be ignored. At the same time, Crosman offers several options here. The gun is available in several different arrangements and calibers. We opted for the .25 Caliber gun with the adjustable raised comb. Below, you’ll find out more about our time with this weapon.


Weight and Size

 The Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle is more than suitable for a wide range of different uses. Despite the powerful performance, this gun will not weigh you down out in the woods. It is less than 9 pounds, which makes it easy to carry on your shoulder or in your hands. At 48 inches, the weapon is suitable for a wide range of age groups, but is best for adults. We tremendously enjoy the feel of this gun in our hands.


Accuracy and Firing Specifications

 We’ve experimented with a wide range of different air guns and none have been able to provide the performance of this one. The accuracy is astounding. Of course, it is tremendously powerful. Despite being a .25 caliber rifle, the gun is actually very quiet and doesn’t produce any recoil whatsoever. When firing this weapon, it is possible to receive a feet per second rating of 850. The weapon can sufficiently hit targets from over 40 yards away. Target shooters will feel comfortable with this weapon, which is sufficient for this specific purpose.


The Trigger

 Some air guns are equipped with triggers, which are nearly unusable and enormously difficult to pull. This gun doesn’t have these problems. Instead, the gun’s trigger can actually be adjusted. At the same time, it comes with an original trigger rating, which is likely around 1 pound. Suffice to say, the trigger is easy to pull and can be done nearly effortlessly. We’ve had no problems aiming and firing right away.


The Setup and Scope

 In terms of aesthetics and setup, the gun is tremendously cool and the scope works very well. When using the included stand, it is possible to set the gun up and use it like a sniper rifle. The accuracy of the gun will provide you with the ability to shoot distant targets. Right out of the box, the rifle is very accurate and doesn’t need to be adjusted. When you first get the rifle, you may need to check the safety lever. It may very well need some lubrication! Ours was slightly dry, which made it difficult to operate. Of course, a few drops of lubrication can solve this problem very quickly.



 We’ve played around with an assortment of different air rifles. Suffice to say, the Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock is definitely one of our favorites. It is capable of providing the user with plenty of shots, longevity and a whole lot of fun. Although we selected the .25 caliber version, it is likely the others are also superb!




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