Air Rifle Types, Uses And Capabilities




Air rifles offer a lot of diversity in their uses and capabilities. It is vital that you learn everything that you can about the product, before you go out there and make your final selection. There are many things that you will need to factor into the equation, so that you choose the right air rifle that will suit your needs and preferences.


Shooting Distance

If you require an air rifle that shoots for long distances, you will be forced to select a high-powered weapon. A light-powered gun will perform perfectly for target shooting, which is capable of shooting distances of 35 yards. This may or may not be suitable for your needs, but you will still have several other options to choose from. The medium-powered air rifle is capable of shooting up to a 50-yard distance, which is great for pest hunting. The high and magnum-powered rifle is more preferred over the other options, because it offers more uses and is capable of shooting distances of 65-80 yards.


Longer Distances

An air rifle that shoots long distances will require the need of a high-quality scope. These are mostly used for hunting adventures, in which you will want to hit your target, without mishap. Of course, the medium-powered air gun can also be used for this purpose, but if you are looking to compete, then the magnum-power will suit your needs better, because it will allow you to shoot for a much longer distance.



Spring powered rifles normally use BBs or pellets, which is great for shooting small game. This type of rifle is equipped with a spring mechanism, which compresses air into the chamber. The break barrel, side lever, and under lever are three different types of spring-powered guns that you can choose from. All of these are manually cocked, by the airgunner. These do require a bit of energy and time to prepare for the actual shot, but they are significant for many uses. You can choose from the .22 or .177 caliber airgun, which will offer accuracy over a long distance. Some individuals will struggle with the cocking action, so the spring powered gun may not be suitable for young children.


CO2 Air Rifle

If you are looking for an airgun that is suitable for shooting specific unmovable targets, you should consider the CO2 air rifle. It is perfect for shooting tin cans and other fixed targets. These use pellets, so they afford a little more power than the traditional toy BB gun. The CO2 cartridge basically automatically powers these guns, because you do not need to manually cock or pump the rifle. If you are looking to have fun, without needing to exert yourself, this is definitely your best option.


Pneumatic Air Rifle

Adults often prefer the pneumatic airgun, because they do not require energy or CO2. The air rechargeable tank will shoot a .22 caliber pellet a long distance. You will need a scope for this gun, if you want to hit your target.



Take the time to do your research, before you actually purchase an airgun. There are innumerable types to choose from, but you will need to know what your expectations and limits, and then factor these considerations into your options.



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