Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel Air Rifle Review



crosman benjamin trail 1100 medium

When it comes to buying an air rifle, you want to make sure that you choose wisely. You want to choose a rifle that shoots accurately, weather durable, and dependable. The Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 gives you all of this and much more. This is not only a very powerful air rifle, but it looks amazing. This gun has a checkered, hardwood stock that is very aesthetically appealing.


Nitro Piston

The Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 comes equipped with a gas piston, rather than the traditional coiled spring. We really love this style of piston, because it allows us to cock the gun much easier than a coil spring equipped gun. The nitro piston also produces 70% less noise than the coil spring piston. Another great feature that the piston offers, is that it is unaffected by the weather, whereas a spring coil piston tends to rust or corrode over time due to humidity and moisture.


Multiple Ammunition Options

If you are looking for an air rifle for hunting medium-sized game, the Benjamin NP is the gun you want, because of its outstanding power production. While using BB ammunition the muzzle can produce 600 fps and with a .177 caliber the muzzle can produce 1000 fps. A .22 caliber will produce 800 fps, while a .25 caliber will produce 825 fps. This amazing rifle can even be used to drop some of the bigger game like opossums and raccoons, without mishap.


Easy Storage

When it comes to guns, it is always imperative that you find a suitable storage place for them. We love the fact that this rifle has a break away barrel. This means that the barrel will actually fold in towards the stock, which makes it so much easier to store than any other brand on today’s market. Not only does the break barrel provide easy storage, but it also makes it very easy to transport the gun from your vehicle to the hunting location.



The Benjamin comes with a CenterPoint 3-9×40 scope, which is a fairly decent scope with clear optics. We recommend upgrading the scope, if you are looking for a more defined and accurate shot. This rifle can nail accurate shots up to 50 yards, if used properly. This is an incredible feature, considering that is just an air rifle and the distance is half the size of a football field. It is possible that you could receive more than this from the rifle, if you upgraded the scope.


Weight & Review

The one thing that we did not like about the rifle is the weight. The rifle is 49 inches long and weighs in at 8.5 lbs. It probably weighs around 10 LBS with the scope fully mounted. This means that you could potentially become exhausted, after quite a bit of shooting. However, this would not deter us from recommending this air rifle to any gunner. If you are looking to take down some small game and even some of the bigger critters, you cannot go wrong with this rifle and you will most definitely be impressed with its overall appearance and performance.




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